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Shopping in Bhutan

Some popular handicraft items available for purchase are hand-woven textiles of raw silk or silk, carved masks of various animals, woven baskets of cane and bamboo, wooden bowls known as Dapas, handmade paper products or finely crafted gods of silver. Other items you may be interested in are the exquisite Buddhist thangkha paintings or Bhutan’s wide array of colourful and creative postage stamps. You can come across these items in the many handicraft shops in and around Thimphu and in other major towns.

Some of the products from Bio Bhutan like Lemon Grass Spray oil, Spray Set, Tea Leaves are very famous. Some products from Small Agro Industry are Jams, Honey, Juice and Sweets are good as well. Imported garments from Thailand/Bangladesh and Nepal are available in most of the streets in Thimphu and Paro.

Please remember that buying and selling of antiques is strictly forbidden in Bhutan.