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Festivals in bhutan

About Tshechu/Festivals in Bhutan
Tshechu…Tshe Meaning date and Chu meaning the tenth is an annual religious festival conducted annually coinciding on the 10th day of the Bhutanese calendar. The festival commemorates the birth of Guru Rimpoche who was born from a lotus flower,ccame to Bhutan around 8th century, bringing Buddhism to the country.
Tshechus are the biggest festival in the country (lasting from 3 to 5 days) It is here that Bhutanese drowned themselves in their best outfits and flock the celebration with home cooked picnic lunch and witness various mask dances which signifies themselves from ground purification, victory over the evil spirits, conduction of one’s Karma and 8 forms of manifestation Guru took to overcome various deities propagating Buddhism.
Tshechu usually ends with unfurling a giant Thanka (a huge embodied cloth piece depicting a religious figure predominantly that of Guru. This is popularly known to Bhutanese as thongdrul…thong meaning to witness or see and durl meaning to free or release. Bhutanese believe that a look at the giant Thanka blesses them and releases them from the chain of cyclic sins.