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Phallus In Bhutan

A fine art piece which is very unique to Bhutan so called “Phallus, or as we know it by “Penis” is found on the walls of the buildings around the valleys. It is believed that divine saint Drukpa Kunley had influenced Buddhist teaching through his eccentric technique to convert non-religious community into strong Buddhist believer and blessed the valley full of childless couples with ever increasing healthy children.

One of our guests said, “Anyone who’s been to Bhutan recounts sightings of “institutionalized” graffiti on the walls, commemorating a tradition that Buddhists solemnly swear by. Walls bear paintings of penises, some big, some small, some “terrifyingly huge”. They come in various colours and some of them having ribbons tied around them like Christmas presents, while the most bizarre depictions of the ‘prick’ also have eyes! ….and yes, all of them are fully erect.”