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TripAdvisor: Mr. TS from USA gives total reviews about Heavenly Bhutan Travels
Time flies so fast when you are having a great time!! Yes, indeed!! We are now back to California from our 12-day trip in Bhutan. Thank you to Heavenly Bhutan Travel (HBT) for making this trip possible. Thank to Raju (owner), Tek (guide), and Rem (drive) for such a distinguished service beyond our expectations. Our itinerary was well thought and planned out. I think, 12 days gave us enough time to get immersed into the rich culture and history of Bhutan. The fond memories we brought home will always be cherished and treasured. The pictures we took will always remind us of the warm embrace we received while in Bhutan. Flying from BKK to Paro was one of the most exciting moments in this trip. The dense and fluffy cumulous clouds looked like cotton candies or soap suds. The aircraft felt like floating in the clouds. Oh, how much I wish I could play in the clouds!! Engaging with the local people in dialogues while learning their culture is a humbling and a feel-good experience, especially those pleasurable moments we had with the elderly devotees in Rukubjee village and the children in Ura village. The amazing rice paddies in Punakha, although they were not in their golden best and most vivid green, gave a spectacular performance in the given time of the year. Getting lost in the maze and stepping on the bull dung left us laughing all the times. We met different groups of family happily harvesting their fruits of labor. This communal activity is an evidence of Bhutan’s impressive, yet strong, traditional social structure in play. The iconic Phallus painting in the façade of most houses is a unique sight to behold for travelers like us. They certainly add curve to our lips. Hearing the monks chanting accompanied by the powerful beats of drums and trumpets in Tango Monastery and nunnery in Thimpu were spiritually uplifting and enriching. Those sacred moments were mentally and emotionally stimulating and inquiring. Briefly, we felt the urge and the challenge to understand the meaning of life according to the Great Buddha. Witnessing the Yogi in the Burning Lake singing the words of consecration was very touching. His presence in this enigmatic lake emanates a different beauty, mysticism, and awe. Trekking the Phobjika valley for a good 2-3 hours was enough for us to appreciate its scenic splendor and cultural uniqueness and also understand the urgency to protect this marshland for its faunal biodiversity, esp. the globally threatened Black-necked Cranes. Yes, we saw the cranes at a distance. Hanging on a cliff at about 10,000 feet, this stunning view of Tiger Nest is a wow moment indelibly imprinted in our mind and heart. Hiking up to this great architectural complex brought our experience much closer and more personal. The hike can be taxing but worth every effort. The dzong architecture is majestic and grand, esp the one in Thimpu. Within them lies a complex of temples, courtyards, administrative offices, and even monks’ accommodations. It is sad to see the remains of Wangdue Phodrang Dzong which was burned down by a fire in the afternoon of 24th June 2012. We were told that a number of historic relics were destroyed. Reconstruction is now on its way. The beef Paa and the chicken curry washed down with Bhutan’s local wine, Ara, is something to die for. No offense meant but I would skip the national food Ema Datshi because it gave me heartburn. Although we did not understand the entire play, the Chhokhor Toe Ngalhakha festival in Bumthang was fun to watch. By just sitting and enjoying the moments with the local people was time well spent. Overall, this trip is one-of-a-kind travel experience rising above the rest of our trips.

Thank you again, HBT, for making this trip exceptional and compelling. Your commitment to client satisfaction is evident in this happy ending. Also thank you to Bhutantraveller Amsterdam, Holland and mlguitar Singapore, Singapore for your invaluable advice and expertise.

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