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TripAdvisor: Bhutan and Experience with Heavenly Bhutan Travels
I had a fantastic stay in Bhutan in October 2014 and have memories that will stay with me forever. I cannot express in words how beautiful and special Bhutan is, so if you are reading this make visiting this magical Himalayan Kingdom a must do in your list of travels; it is worth every penny and it is unlike any other place you have seen.

There are hundreds of agents that can organize a trip to Bhutan, some with good reviews others not so much; Its difficult to make a decision prior to your trip when you don’t know any of them. I, based on many online reviews I read online and the fast and responsive email contact , chose to go with Heavenly Bhutan and do not regret my decision.

They were fantastic all the way, and Raju (owner) could have not been more responsive and helpful from the first time I e-mailed them asking for information about tours in Bhutan. My guide/driver, Dhana and Ugyen did a fantastic job and they really helped me all the way through (beyond the call of duty at all times I must say)

They were both always very accommodating to all my requests specially with food which was always an issue for me because I was not too keen to go for the regular buffet options so Dhana was always extremely helpful in setting things up for me. They were both extremely professional and did everything with a smile and a lot of respect (both also very knowledgable of Bhutan and the sites we visited)

Dhana obviously spent more time with me sightseeing as he was the guide, and could not have been more helpful and knowledgeable of the sites and history. I truly enjoyed his help and company.

The only not so positive part of the trip was the hotel accommodation that was chosen for me in Paro (A so called 3 star hotel) that was really beneath any minimum decent human standards and I advised Heavenly Bhutan to stop working with that particular hotel and to not accommodate any tourists there. The place was so dirty and disgusting that I would not even call it a 1 star and I would have prefer to sleep in the street than in that hotel. I simply refused to stay in the hotel and asked Raju (onwer) and Dhana (guide) to help make alternative arrangements on the spot.

I need to THANK Raju and Heavenly Bhutan for being extremely understanding and professional in that situation with the Paro hotel and for finding hotel options for me on the spot which was not easy in a very high tourist season. I really appreciate the help and support that Raju and Dhana provided during that difficult day, and could have not been happier with the hotels that they chose for me for my stay in Paro. In turn they organized my next 2 nights stay at both Oksel and Haven Resort – which were both amazing places to stay (A+) and for kindly taking most of the extra cost giving the situation we were in and that it was beyond my control.

The hotel in Thimphu (Osel) was really fantastic and highly recommend that you use this hotel if you can. The facilities and staff are 4-5 star!

Ovrerall, I had an amazing experience thanks to Heavenly Bhutan and it started right from the time I contacted Raju the first time on e-mail Raju was always so responsive, accommodating and professional that I cannot think of a better choice to go to Bhutan and you really helped me to make this come true for me.

I highly recommend Heavenly Bhutan to anyone who wants to visit this amazing kingdom.

I will surely return to Bhutan one day as I want to do a trekking tour of the North of the country and will contact Heavenly Bhutan to help me set up the trip.

Thanks again for all the wonderful work you and your team did and GOD bless you all.

A very satisfied and happy customer,