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TripAdvisor: Heavenly Bhutan’s guest shares their experience in Bhutan
I originally posted on this string several months ago, as I was debating on Heavenly Bhutan vs All Seasons. They are both extremely great tour companies and I was absolutely impressed with Raju (Heavenly Bhutan) and Chimi (All Seasons). Ultimately, it came down to which company was able to get us the flights we needed, because it was a very busy festival time that we ended up going so many of the flights were booked or seats getting released on a daily basis.

I looked at my email communications with Raju and I had over 100 emails going back and forth from when I started planning the trip to when we actually started the trip. That’s a lot! I am super detail oriented and despite all the emails, Raju was extremely responsive (very timely–I never waited more than 1-2 days for a reply) and he was very very diligent and thorough. It exceeded my expectations for a tour company, truly! He did a lot of extra stuff that we didn’t ask for, but we completely appreciated. As a planner, I really appreciated all the extra thought and going the extra mile for us. For example, he wasn’t able to initially get our first choice of hotel in Punakha, but even after he booked our second choice, he was still checking on whether the first choice would become available. Turns out that his diligence paid off and we were able to stay at our first choice because a few rooms became available!

Our tour guide, Sajan was the best. He was the PERFECT combination of friendly, fun, considerate, thoughtful and customer-focused WITH soooo much knowledge of the culture, religion, customs of Bhutan. We were all blown away! So amazing!!

I wish that TripAdvisor allowed reviews for actual tour companies. I would rate Heavenly Bhutan 5 stars out of 5. It was an unforgettable experience in all the right ways!