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Mr. Alok – Excellent Travel Agent and Guide

Review: Mr. Alok – Excellent Travel Agent and Guide

Trip was excellent. Our tour operator has done the excellent job, that is Heavenly Bhutan. We have taken only ground support from them means all things except hotels and airlines. They help a lot in all permits and site seeing. Our driver Kancha is also very cooperative and never say no to anything. above of all of these is our Guide Mr. Sajan Rai. We visited a lot in lot of places in world but we encountered very rare with such a nice guide. He was with us for nine days as a family and help us lot everywhere. It is his motivation and help that we all in group complete Tigress Nest Hiking. our group having persons from 53 years to 4 years (gents and ladies both). The main person in Heavenly Bhutan is Mr. Raju his no. is +975 17661700/17617107 and the no of Mr. Sajan is +975 17779500.

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Mr. Alok India
Bhutan -Because you Always Be Happy!!!

TripAdvisor: Ms. Anuja – Bhutan -Because you Always Be Happy!!!
I would like to share some stories about my recent & the First but not the last trip to Bhutan for which I had booked all the services of Hotels, guide, drivers, cars through the Company Heavenly Bhutan.

The Country – Bhutan as a country is Amazing with such good people, who are very Nice, amiable, courteous & helpful. I did not hear a single horn , Drivers do not Honk & coming from India that really took me by pleasant surprise!! I did not witness a single person Arguing/ fighting / getting angry throughout my 8 Days Journey. Its like everyone understands each other so well.

The people are so eager to always help you – for instance, I generally used to head out on my own for Morning walks & explore the local areas.. & when I would be confused about the way directions, locals were a great help to reach back safely to my destination. Felt extremely safe.

Our Guide Dhana & Driver Namgay – they both were the pillars of our Trip. They both were excellent. Diligent, reliable, calm & very professional.

Always on time & ready, waiting for us to finish all our morning chores before we set out & start the days’ sightseeings / activities.

We were a bunch with all the passengers above 60years – Senior Citizens club barring me!! They were very patient & took prompt action in fulfilling all our demands.

Like on day 1 we asked for a small Stool (Step Up) as a tool to help climb the car, which they arranged immediately when we went out. They would always give a helping hand to alight all the passengers from the coach one by one at all the stops, all throughout the Trip.

Also the smallest of demands from getting access to Pan shops for Uncles, to local restaurants which serve good tasty veg foods, to Medical & general stores to buy Water in Wholesale rates, which proves that they were well aware & informative about the Areas & Places around.

Any last minute changes to the itinerary to suit the Moods & Energy levels of the groups were always readily accepted with a Smile & never have they Cribbed/ complained about making impromptu plans or tweaks to the Schedule. I appreciate that part, as it met our main requirement of choosing an Individual Customised Tour over a Guided Set Plan Tour.

Dhanapati our guide – Super Guy, with great knowledge about the geography & history of Bhutan country & well aware of the places routes locations, etc.

Special mention for the Day we went to Phobjikha, after the strenuous journey he came trekking along with us & that too during rough weather conditions as it was Raining heavily & there were Hail Storms. He dint even have a rain Cap to cover his ahead & still went strong with us.

We completed the Trek under his guidance.

Also for Tigers Nest, as I was the Sole passenger who wanted to go yet he accompanied & guided me throughout the Journey & my Trek upto the Tigers Nest.

Namgay Our Driver– His judgment while driving was very apt & we all felt very safe while he would drive us around the Hilly areas with Sharp turns & bad roads due to the ongoing construction works. Special Mentions of the day while returning back from Phobjikha / Gangtey, there was rains & the roads were very bad & the long journey of 5 hours each way, & on our return journey it was very late & very dark & ill litted, still he drove his best with lots of patient & utmost care.

Our Hotels – Osel in Thimphu & Drubchhu in Punakha except for the Paro Hotel Udumwara resort(which was also not bad), however the other 2 were far better in terms of the staff & the people serving us. The location of both Hotels were good & the rooms were very spacious & clean & with a nice view.

Also the staff at the Hotels took very good care of us, & were very prompt in taking good care of all our needs. They were well trained, warm & friendly.

[Udumwara offcourse was not our original choice, however we dint get availability at the hotel we chose so we decided to book this. The Hotel rooms here were not very clean. Although the rooms were large & very spacious, but they lacked cleanliness. But that’s a feedback for the Hotel]

All the 3 Hotels served very good Indian Vegetarian Food & catered best to serve us, with fresh cooked Indian Veg & also Jain Food. Hats off to all the restaurant & kitchen staff who did a good job.

Menuka (The Tour consultant)– Made all the back end arrangements for our itinerary so smooth & taking care of the minutest details.

Last but not the Least – MR RAJU RAI of Heavenly Bhutan.

I have been co ordinating with him from DAY 01 of planning the whole trip… & he has always been very very helpful, you always give quick responses, clearing all our doubts with regards to any query that we would have about the destination / hotels/ places to visit, giving true picture, factual information. Appreciate the fact & the promptness with which he connected, through each & every way so as to be in touch & give all the necessary information at all times. He made the arrangements precisely as per our requirements & took care of all the things we had mentioned during all the conversations we had to Plan this trip & made a great Success

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Mike & Michael

TripAdvisor: Mr. Mike C. Kung – Bhutan
We travelled to Bhutan for a 10 day trip and arranged our travel with Heavenly Bhutan Travels ( ). There was a last minute addition to our group and Heavenly was very flexible with integrating him. We landed in Paro, proceeded to Thimphu, Punakha, Gasa, Phobjikha then Paro again for the departure. The itinerary was great, covered a wide swath of western Bhutan and I felt we got a really good feel sampling of Bhutan. We stayed at the Le Meridien in Thimphu and Paro, Uma in Punakha, Hotel Dewachen and a farm house in Gasa. We did a lot of hiking to various temples and sacred places – stopping by various Dzongs to worship the deities and admire the architecture. We rafted along the male river in Punakha, bargained at the farmers market in Thimphu, enjoyed the local hot spring and farm house hospitality in Gasa, walked the marshlands of Phobjikha valley and hiked the mountain to Tiger’s Nest in Paro. Bhutan is a spiritual place with some of the friendliest people. Our guide Tek was the best – very knowledgeable, fun, accommodating and helpful. He became a good friend on the trip. Bhutanese food tend to be spicy but I loved that – my mouth still waters when I think about chili cheese, an iconic dish there. Our group also purchased tons of textiles, Buddhist beads, paintings and other Bhutanese handicrafts – exquisite handwork that you just don’t see often in the west. We spent two days in Gasa – probably would have cut that short and spent more time in Phobjikha valley – the valley was so serene (unfortunately the black neck cranes just migrated for the season when we arrived). I also wished we could have caught a festival and travelled to Bumthang/Central Bhutan but we will save that trip for our next Bhutan visit – more reason to return to the land of the thunder dragon. Thanks to Heavenly for such a memorable trip.

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Diony & Victoria
Travelling with Heavenly Bhutan

TripAdvisor: Ms. Diony – Travelling with Heavenly Bhutan
A girlfriend and myself, have just returned from a most memorable 2 week trip to Bhutan in April 2016. We were fortunate enough to do 6 nights of trekking (Jomolhari circuit), and 6 days of cultural touring including Paro, Punnakha, and Thimpu. The trip exceeded my expectations in every way. I have never enjoyed travelling more. and a large part of this is in thanks to the amazing agency that we worked with, called Heavenly Bhutan.

we had to reschedule the trip twice due an unforeseen knee operation. this meant double the work for Heavenly Bhutan, especially in terms of reorganizing and postponement etc. Never once did they make us feel like anything was too much to ask. their patience with us was tremendous and their replies, always within the same day. Communication is a hugely important aspect especially from as far away as South Africa, and yet they never faltered.

the trekking itself was a dream-come-true. I never realized how much luxury was associated with camping in Bhutan. Everything was taken care of for us. we felt like royalty. everyday we got into camp to find all of our tents erected, tea always at hand, warm water for washing our faces, 3 warm cooked and wholly delicious meals per day, regardless of where we were. They even made our special beds for our comfort and offered hot water bottles to keep us snug. in fact they did everything for us other than put our toothpaste on our tooth brushes. we were in heaven!

On our trek, we were accompanied with the most wonderful crew. There was one silent but friendly horseman, a (possibly 5-star) chef extraordinaire, a hilariously funny, strong-as-an-ox assistant, and the most fabulous guide known to mankind, called Sajan. We could not have asked for a better team. Our guide was fluent in English, a great photographer, a man familiar with all flora and fauna, a superb story teller, hugely knowledgable in mythology and religion, and a superb teller of ghost stories 🙂

As two women travelling Bhutan alone, we were initially a little nervous. But our experience with this lot immediately put us at ease. we felt safe and respected at all times, and this had a hugely positive impact on our travels. and of course, the scenery was terrific. Bhutan is beyond words when it comes to the beauty of its natural environment. I only wish I could have walked more!

Then when it came to our cultural experience, our itinerary was full. there is nothing we did not see or do. we had a great driver who ensured our safety all the way. the beauty about our trip was also, that everything was taken care of. After making all our initial payments we never really had to dip into our pockets again bar for the odd souvenir and the well deserved tips. Everything was well organised and highly enjoyable.

I cannot wait for the day that I get the opportunity to return, and I will certainly be making contact with Heavenly Bhutan when that time arrives.

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5 Ladies Eyes on Bhutan

TripAdvisor: Ms. Yibin and friends – 5 Ladies Eyes on Bhutan
We booked heavenly Bhutan travel agency from 6-16Dec2915 for our Bhutan trip. We 5 ladies was luck having a happy & memorable stay in Bhutan . Our tour guide & driver are very friendly & knowlegeable on Bhutan & Buddhist history. They have given us a safety driving & a lot of knowledge regarding those places which we visited. Especially our tour guide Sajan tries his best to satisfy our requirements all the way, e.g, like special chineses food preparition, view points for taking picture, handle good balance for different requests from everybody & good arrangement & review for daily programs. Both of driver & tour guide worked very hard in order to give 5 of us a memorable Bhutan trip forever. We all like them @ appreciated their professional dedication. Thanks Sajan , Santosh & heavenly Bhutan.

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Guest from China
Review of Bhutan Trip

TripAdvisor: Ms. Fiona – Review of Bhutan Trip
We ,5 ladies group just finished a 11 days trip in Bhutan. It was a very exciting trip. Bhuan is very friendly country to tourists. However having a good tour agency is important. it will help you have a good plsnning, answer your all concerns, finally assign a knowledgeble, humour,responsible, reliable guide and driver.

This time according to the recommdation here, we chosen Heavely tour. Since our group formed through internet, everybody has own expectation, different payment way from different countries. We raised a lot of questions, changes along the way. The heavenly staff handled all issues patiently and quickly. Even one of members missed her flight, the agent helped her to catch up the schedule.

On the way of tour, both of guide and driver (Sajan, Santosh)excellent service made us comfortable, full of funs.

One very touched moment is the journey to tiger nest. They carried our cameras, bagges to let us have a safe tour. They are all humorous. Our whole tour was full of funs.finally we had a camp fire party with CEO Raju and his lovely staff to end our happy tour. We really appreciated heavenly tour agency provided such excellent service to make our tour in Bhutan perfect.< Thank you, Raju, sajan, Santosh, Maruka.

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Group from Philippines

TripAdvisor: Group from Philippines
We visited Bhutan with Heavenly Bhutan Travels. Our lovely, experienced and very cheerful guide Deechen, our driver “pilot”, Gadu and their “boss” Raju took us to explore the spectacular beauty of Bhutan. The beautiful vistas of rolling mountain ranges, natural landscapes and authentic traditional Bhuddist, simple way of life of the Bhutanese.

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Ms. Lina – Single traveller

TripAdvisor: Ms. Lina – Single Traveller
I am not much of a forum commenter, but Heavenly Bhutan most definitely deserves accolades, so I want to add my own recommendation to the above review. I went to Bhutan as a solo traveler this fall (Fall 2015), and after a good bit of searching for a tour operator, I also chose Heavenly Bhutan Travels (on the strong recommendation from an acquaintance). And everything was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I had a flexible, personalized itinerary with a great mix of experiences – rafting, monasteries, festivals, textile/crafts, hiking, great food/hotels. And I had a SUPER knowledgable and friendly guide (Dechen) and driver team. It was above any and all expectations, and I wouldnt have a changed a single thing. I probably took a thousand photos :).

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